Post 9- The 3rd Bikers Cafe Build-Off !

It’s that time of the year again for the anticipated 3rd Bikers Cafe Build-off!

As participants in last year’s we know what an amazing experience it is!


Once again three teams will do battle including Bikers Oasis, Vendetta Racing UAE and Alain Custom Motorcycle. All contenders will have to present their bikes to the judges at Bikers Café on the 21st of October 2017.

Alain Customs  has years of experience working on customized cruiser one-off builds for customers, Bikers Oasis is known for his retro custom builds made in his man-cave and VR Racing puts to racers with the build skills into the mix.

None of the three teams should be discounted!!!


We at Cafe Racers Middle East wish the ‘best of luck’ to everyone in the comp and are excited to see what unique creations come out of this build-off .

We’ll be keeping you all up to date on the event through our social media during the evening!


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