GB 250 Cafe Racer


GB 250 Cafe Racer

This 1981 Honda Gb250 Clubman is a beautifully rare and well restored custom classic owned by Faisal Almaghrabi.

Faisal start working on this bike from scratch and is in pristine condition.

It is a well recognised motorcycle in the reigion and has won multiple competitions.

Mods Include:

  • Vintage Slim Tank and Cafe Racer Seat

  • Clubman handlebars

  • Retro grips and bar-end mirrors

  • Race Leavers

  • Discreet brake oil cup and gadget

  • Chrome head and engine side covers

  • Vintage Tail light

  • Front light guard

  • Carburetor jetting + tuning

  • Cafe Racer badging

  • Rear-sets


  • 1st Place Kuwait Riders 6th Bike Show 2016

  • 1st Place Vintage – Dubai Riders Bikes Show

  • 1st Place Vitage Classic – Middle East Motortuning Show

  • 2nd Place – Custom Show Emeriates