Ducati NCR Replica


Ducati NCR Replica


This NCR 905 special race replica is built around an achingly beautiful Verlicchi frame. Fitted with 87mm piston pushing the capacity up to around 905cc, it is built from a 70’s Ducati. With a 2 into 1 Vee Two race pipe, which feature removable baffles for track or road use, it sounds fabulous.

Mods Include:

  • The engine breaths through 40mm Dellorto carbs

  • Alloy bellmouths

  • 1/2 action throttle

  • Lucas Rita ignition

  • Alloy race pegs (specially made for the Verlicchi frame)

  • NCR rear brake hanger putting the caliper underneath instead of on top

  • Equipped with Mazocchi front fork and Marzocchi rear suspension

  • Dual Brembo disc front brakes and single Brembo disk brake at the rear

  • Magnesium speedline wheels.

This Ducati is very rare in the region and it’s something very special.