Post 4 – Bonnefication Feature – Del’s Desert Sled

 Hi guys!

Have you seen our latest feature in Bonneficiation? Awesome write-up on ‘Del’s Desert Sled’ & it’s transformation from an award winning Café Racer to a Desert Sled. Have a look! 


About Bonnefication:

Ten years ago Tim Schofield purchased his first ever Triumph Motorcycle. A 2005 Triumph Scrambler, a retro classic which Tim was told. ‘was the very Scrambler photographed for the official Triumph catalogue’. From the start Tim knew he wanted to turn what is essentially a very cool motorcycle, into something even cooler, something Steve McQueen himself would ride…

In the coming years Tim was to spend many hours searching the world-wide-web for inspiration, inspiration which he then shared on his own blog, a blog which was to later become



Today Tim continues to share the very best custom and modified Hinckley Triumph Twins so you too can be inspired!

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